Weed Seed
Weed Seed
British Blaze
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                    Storage and Packaging

Seed viability is of most importance for us as a seed bank and you as a customer. All seeds are living organisms and should be tret as such.

Controlled refrigeration can prolong seed viability for many years if stored correctly.

Our seeds are placed into glassine envelopes which are Ph neutral, acid free while also being water and moisture resistant, perferct for seed storage.

Envelopes are then placed into our individiually branded food grade foil packs then heat sealed.

Packs are then placed into individually branded credit card sized boxs along with a  dessicant moisture saschet.

Packs are then security sealed before being sealed with a heat shrink protective film.

Each strain is packaged individually, each pack contains 10 Regular seeds.

Box dimensions: 88mm x 57mm x 15 mm

All our seed stock is kept under strictly controlled refrigeration.

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